Sunday, December 12, 2010

The 4th most interesting person of 2010

Adrian Smith

All the guy did was complete the construction of the tallest building in the world in 2010 -- Burj Khalifa. I can't even begin to understand the project management that this thing took. We can't get 4 kids to get on the same page. How about a 2717 feet and 160 floors!?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

#5 on my list of the Most Interesting People of 2010

After some prodding from Lisa after my 'almost' bash of Barbara Walter's list of interesting people for 2010, I present the FIFTH most interesting person of 2010.


He's the 29 yr old guy who discovered a 13 year old singer from Canada who had some so-so talent as a musician on youtube. He convinced the kid and his mom to come to Atlanta to record a demo tape and introduce him to a friend named Usher. 2 years later that kid is now 15, rolling in the dough, winning awards, and I can't go one day without seeing or hearing his name. For unleashing the plague that is Justin Beiber ... SCOOTER BRAUN is the 5th most interesting person of 2010.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


If you care who makes this person's list of 'Most Interesting People in 2010' .... nevermind, Cindy says that my thoughts are inapporpriate.

So what's in a dream?

So Ashton had a very slight "sniffle" last night when she climbed into our bed at 3:37 AM. Oh, and apparently her cheek hurt. Oh and her pajamas were made of the same materials as blankets, so even though she was sleeping in between Cindy and me, she didn't need any covers -- on a night that was like 10 degrees outside -- and it's hard to somehow have both Cindy and myself bundled while the YAHOO in the middle is not.

Long story short, by 5:18 AM my patience was at an end. I had already left the bedroom with her, drugged her with Benedryl, and watched "sweetie" cartoons with her. And she was still not asleep & she was still a miserable soul. So I pawned her off on Cindy.

And in the few moments of sleep that I got after pawning her off (I probably only got about 40 or so) I had a dream. And in this dream, Ashton was eaten by a bear.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I think Scrooge was on to something.

Worse than the over-commercialization of Xmas, is the over activity of Xmas. Every work group has their own Xmas party. The management team has their own Xmas party. The ward has a Xmas party, the young men / young women, the primary, Ashton's gymnastics group, 3 kids at 3 different schools means 3 different Xmas things. And not being a big fan of people, this is a problem.

Now Scrooge got his visits by the 3 ghosts and when it was all said and done he had Christmas Day to spread joy. And that's fine and dandy. Anyone can do a day. But had the 3 ghosts visited on December 3rd and Scrooge had to attend as many functions as me, my guess is that he would have told Marley to go take a flying leap!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today I learned ...

that Daniel has grown 3 inches since the start of school 3 months ago. For the record he is now 5'7".

that Ashton is 5 years old and no longer needs Daddy to tuck her into bed. Except that she still does as she told Daddy 20 minutes later.

that you can't answer the call of nature when dinner is served, because if you do the 2 cans of refried beans and entire block of grated cheese will be gone by the time you get back 2 minutes later.

and lastly, that there are times when we'd prefer you not share ... which is the case with Craig's mystery rash or whatever is all over his neck. When Ashton thought that Craig had touched her and his hands might have been contaminated and she' better wash her hands and face ... SHE FREAKED and was HYSTERICAL.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Why we don't order pizza for delivery

Cuz the conversation goes like this ....

"Daniel, what do you want on your extra large pizza? Umm, one meat lovers."

"Craig, what do you want on your extra large pizza? Umm, one with double pepperoni and breakfast bacon."

"Nathan, what do you want on your large pizza? Umm, one with double pepperoni."

"Mom, what do you, Ashton, and I want on our small pizza?"

No one should have 3 boys so close in age all eating so much. Our food budget has spiked in the last few months and is only rising. "I'm still hungry!" is now the most commonly spoken phrase in our household, overtaking "GO TO BED!!" (but not by much). We have to make 10 hamburgers for a single meal. A 9x13 pan of chicken enchilada is no longer two meals, but better have a large can of re fried beans and two large bags of tortilla chips as well as a desert to back it up!!!!!

Maybe Pres. Obama will save us ... there is always hope.